Thursday, 23 December 2010

Final Thoughts...

It's very strange to look back at my final images and realise the journey I have been through to get these 6 characters together.
My original publication being, 'Our Betty' by liz Smith, then through research onto The Dictionary as a focus publication is a real development.

I loved using the library and a publication as a starting point for this project: I love the library and try to use it as much as I can so when we received this brief and we were asked to use the library as our main guide for the project, I was really excited for the project to begin, also when thinking about the actual Get It loud In Libraries project itself- I have a massive love for music so this was even more inspiring to work for. With the brief being live too, this was quite challenging alongside all our other uni work, but quite exciting in that our images could later be seen by the general public and may influence someone out there- this is just fab!

The Dictionary was a strange but wonderful publication to use as inspiration for this project. You really could take the project in any direction, I do believe though that my first choice of publication also influenced my thinking when coming up with my final idea for this project.

With regards to my final images, I'm really pleased with how they turned out and the great thing is, is that this is my style, but this style of fashion imagery can be very versatile. As development with my imagery, and remembering that this is a live brief, I feel the GILIL project could carry on with my idea and every year choose new characters out of the dictionary and make up new fashion imagery to evoke each character- the GILIL may want to be more music focused when creating follow on fashion imagery for this, but I feel the little extras that make up those characters really help the image and portray the character much more. GILIL could even, after gigs/during gigs, take photographs of the audience members and have in the library labelled 'style bins' with different characters for each style bin, and then as the audience leave they could put their photograph in the style bin that they believe suits them best- to really get the community involved and interactive and so that they can really be involved within the GILIL project, and in turn become a part of the GILIL project because their photo may become part of the next set of fashion imagery.

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