Saturday, 4 December 2010

James Dawe

I came across this illustrator and image maker when I began researching for collage composition work, his work is beautiful, I think heavily graphic, but the imagery he produces is amazing.

Dawe specialises in photo collage both working digitally and manually and his work has been said that it has a portrait set out of composition- this is a fab reference for this project. My characters may have a stronger sense and focus, if I make the collage images almost portrait like.

Dawe has worked for many big companies, most commercial, including; Fabric Nightclub
the guardian newspaper, VIEWPOINT,warp records, Rojo Magazine, Qvest Magazine, IBM Magazine, G2 COVERS, SKY SPORTS, Man About Town Magazine, EMA, Nike 1/1, COKE PLAYOFFS, GQ STYLE MAGAZINE.

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