Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Martin Vallin

Whilst researching ideas for compositions and ways to present my final images I came across a fab photographer, Martin Vallin. His work is amazing: on his website there's a link to his blog and his blog is just as fantastic if not better than his site because we get an insight into the mind of Martin, he talks us through, ideas, shoots etc.

When I saw this image my immediate attention was drawn to the mannequin head, I think it would be a fab idea to take photographs of my found objects and use the 2D photographs by covering a mannequin head with the images and adding actual accessories pieces on and around the mannequin head-such as a hat, spectacles etc.

This image really portrays the character element really well. By bringing in a variety of objects, you as the viewer build up your own character associations and are left to decide what story you want that character to have.

When I got my first publication for this project, I was looking into traditions, family life and the Granny Chic theme, when I came across these themes I came across a fab image of elderly ladies photographed (portraits) inside a frame and I loved this idea- bringing a frame into the image I think will fit the concept and will appeal to the characters I am focusing on. I will take images of the still life and place these inside the frame.

This image highlights the kind of products/objects I will take photos of and use for the project. As you can see the image isn't just completely based around fashion, the extra added objects evokes a certain character and this is what I am wanting to portray.

This is such a powerful image- although there is just one product in the shot the composition and the idea of collage really emphasises the image as a whole and creates a very powerful image.

I love this image and love the idea of bringing in text into the images by using the text page as a backdrop to the images- I could use the actual publication pages as the backdrop? This also caught my eye because the product itself links really well with this project- they say you can tell and understand a lot about a person just by simply looking at their shoes, so I could just focus my product/object images on shoes.

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