Friday, 26 November 2010

'Get It Loud in Libraries' stereotypes?

Looking through the dictionary you can obviously see there has been a considerable amount of new additions to the publication and not all words that have been added will aid this project so I have wittled the new words down to these; Chav, screenager, microblogging, Chill Pill, WTF, OMG, Arm Candy, technophobes, TTYL, BFF, Meh, Mwah, Newbie, geek chic, twitter, facebook, Silver surfer, Emo, Simples, Staycation, Scene girls, Chill lax, lipstick lesbian, Silver surfer, vintage lover, the suit.

These I feel will fit the idea because for each word, you can promote the associations and themes surrounding the word quite literally, for instance looking at the Chav, I could source burberry fabric, maybe use this as a backdrop, knuckle dusters, trainers etc..for the shoot and these will all have associations with the idea of the 'Chav'.

These images below explore different kinds of characters and also looks at presentation and compositions of fashion imagery.



So as you can understand my photoshoot is heavily based around characters, identities and literally about still life styling.

For now I need to consider my 6 final stereotypes to focus on and thoroughly understand their persona and their look.

These images above, are a fab set of fashion imagery from the magazine, Interview. The photoshoot is based around stereotypes and subcultures-the stylist has portrayed the characters on children-this looks great and adds something different to the shoot rather than the story being very literal.

These are portraits by Andy Warhol. I could look at portraiture for this shoot because I feel to style in a portrait shot rather than a whole full length shot is much more challenging and interesting to do for this concept.

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