Sunday, 14 November 2010

'Our Betty' by Liz Smith

This book immediatley caught my attention because of the fun and playful front cover. Liz looks so mad on the front cover, she looks like she's dressed up for a show.

Liz Smith is the wonderful actress who has played amazing roles in 'The Vicar of Dibley', a variety of plays and theatre performances and probably most memorable is the granny in 'The Royal Family'. I haven't really come across herself before this but when I was in the Harris library I was drawn to the autobiography section- I'm unsure why but I just feel that this project would be great to look at people and certain characters. I think this is because, when I visit the library which I do every week, I'm in the uni library every morning with my coffee, fashion magazine and quietness, I notice that the library is full of such a variety of characters so I would like to explore this further.

Anyway back to Liz Smith: I have known about her but she isn't someone I have watched religiously or anything like that, but like I said the front cover really caught my attention.

So tonight I'm going to start to read the book, notepad and pen in hand and crack on with the project.

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