Sunday, 28 November 2010

To be cool...


— n

informal a teenager who is dully conversant with and skilled in the use of computers and other electronic devices

This very current culture moment is massive, specifically within teenagers. The rise in not only technology but media and how we now behave socially with other individuals fuels this movement. We are now as a nation, socialising through the internet, and teenagers are a big part of this.

Teenagers are all about being new, being the first person to have joined the lastest 'cool' website, or bought the newist phone. Teens have always been a hot market for advertisers, because they love to spend money on the latest fashion, gadget, music, entertainment, and everything else that makes them look, act, feel, or be perceived as cooler than others, and techonolgy has played a huge role in giving teens the ability to do this.

There's a fab ezine article about what makes a screenager, this is their description of the screenager;

'Easily influenced, rebellious, wanting and willing to follow the pack, to belong and yet be independent, hungering for what's next, awaiting a trend to hop-on and ride-out until it evaporates, opinionated, dedicated to fun and experimentation, destined to be an adult in a consumer, information, and communications world, we classify them as Teens, but they're really Sreenagers'.

One might ask how this is available to the teens of today but because of this huge rise in quick, easy ways of communicating they have the ability to be the 'cool' kid first, and fast. These 'cool' kids are digital in their everyday lives- their phones, their music player, the games they play, everything.

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