Thursday, 18 November 2010

Obvious Narrative & Abstract Narrative.

When thinking about photoshoot editorials and what makes a fashion image, a narrative is something that crops up every time, specifically when I'm doing a project, and when I'm thinking of a photoshoot my immediate thought is what narrative i want to have for the shoot. Whether this be abstract or obvious, you can really understand the differences when looking at editorials.

For me and my personal preference I like to play with both, but I must say I am drawn more towards an abstract story rather than something that is too obvious: I like to make the viewer question and wonder.

Here's a couple of examples I have seen during my research for this project and a couple i have admired in the past.

This is a fab reference to look at obvious narrative. The gorgeous Peter Lindbergh shoot for American Vogue back in July of last year. Now I absolutely love film and I love fashion and this photoshoot really complimented my two loves. The editorial of the shoot specifically is very obvious in terms of narrative.

I love the opening page, depicting an almost movie-poster-esque vibe with the text of the story and the fashion image really reflects the 1950's american mom, living in a bedroom community. You realise that the mom has her mind on other things. Each image, one after another, unfolds the story more so and aids in the explanation of what is happening in and after each image.

Magnificent Obsession, Peter Lindbergh for American Vogue (obvious)

Extreme Taste, by Myself (abstract)

This is a great example of an abstract narrative. You don't really see a story flowing through, you just see incredible fashion imagery.

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