Monday, 22 November 2010

Libraries 2????

I began to think more in-depth about the library as a whole and how it has changed over the years and the ideas surrounding libraries have changed over time. Here's my findings and notes on the library...

-clothing libraries- able to rent/borrow clothing- this is massive at the minute- also borrowing clothing from archives that may have been worn by celebrities in movies- this again is very popular with stylists. states that

'A clothes library is a collection of clothes which are loaned to members of a community, just like books at a conventional library. All sorts of garments can be found at a clothes library, from suits for job interviews to prom dresses for low-income teens. Many clothes libraries pick a particular community to serve, such as the unemployed or expectant mothers. A good resource for information about clothes libraries in your area is a local service organization, as clothes libraries often go by obscure names which makes Internet searches for a local clothes library challenging.'

There's a website that sells clothing worn by actors whether that be in films, advertisments or red carpets,, this is a site where you can actually wear the clothing that has been worn by the celebrity. You can shop by actor, movie or for the actual product, it's incredible. This movement of seen on screen and wanting to buy into this is big at the minute- maybe we want to escape from reality?

-libraries nowadays are much more modern- even just something as simple as having a library catalogue online, and a library card rather than using the library pockets from the books to lend the book, is incredibly modern for the library- I could look at this for my shoot the extreme from tradition--->modern

- on the library,

'...essential part of the future of communities', said by the Government, taken from, written by Robert Winnett, february 2010.

-informative place

-old fashioned/traditional

-full of vocabulary/words/text/font

-dictionary over the years changes always- new words are added all the time eg. OMG, LOL- could look into the dictionary as something that epitomises trends at the moment/in history- shows subcultures through new words added networking

-community orientated

-give library a shake up- modernise

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