Thursday, 25 November 2010

Quick ideas

Get It Loud in Libraries....

-take photographs of landscapes- work on top of these with illustrations, for instance take photographs of a wood, draw characters on top of the image (alice in wonderland maybe)

(top 2 images taken by myself from a previous sketchbook)

-like the idea of creating images with layers- almost like a story

-a character story??? create 6 images say from the 40's up until the 00's. From the 40's to 00's focus on portrait shots so the styling will be shown from the shoulder up, (challenging) could put a book that that character would read infront of their face to further the character base, then the rest of the styling shown through hats, glasses, scarfs, tattoos?? etc I could use the same model throughout to highlight styling ideas

I want it to be;

-show my personality
-include the idea of collage
-character based story- looking at whats left behind?-creating an idea of their lfestyle
-aiming at customer base- 14-25 year olds

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