Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Tutorial with Jacqui

Today I saw Jacqui to talk about my project and to discuss what to research for the project as a whole to aid my thinking.

Here's my notes;

-research obvious narrative to abstract narrative- one thats not too literal- look at different types of narrative
-what makes a story a story?
-audienences 14-25 years old not using the library- why not?- for those at this age that come to a GILIL gig, it may be their first gig- big event and memorable for them at this age
-all about making libraries look cool
-look at the bands that have played there already
-editorial/promotional imagery- need to get a balance
-don't be too literal with my story- could get found imagery- work on top- illustrations, photocopy etc
-paper cut- collaborate with Jonathan/ mrYen
-work on top of past imagery from past photoshoots
-book on techniques as inspiration?

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