Sunday, 28 November 2010

When geeks became cool...

There was a time I remember when being a geek was not cool. You know the kid at school who has a plaster eye patch over their spectacles, scabs on their shins and a massive backpack full of books and used tissues, but nowadays, oh no no no, the geek has shone through the bullying and taunting and come right through the fashion shaded side, bringing us the Geek chic.



stylish or fashionable only for social outcasts.

I believe everyone has a little bit of geek inside of them, and nowadays the look for this geek chic character is really very trendy. Maybe the rise in techonolgy has driven the phrase geek chic, because being a bit of a computer nerd, you were classed as a geek and now everyone is on the net so maybe it has just become the norm and society have come up with a much more trendy phrase for those that sit infront of the screen all day. Saying that though, the geek chic character is much more fashionable than the original geek.

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