Sunday, 21 November 2010

Quick Thinking...

-when thinking about 'Our Betty' inspired by the front cover of the book - do a granny chic shoot/geek chic shoot-looking at the traditional customer that the library has- the new silver surfer?- modernised?

-character based shoot- iconic actors/stereotypes/different tribes that visit the library- maybe look at portraits for this- styling the neck upwards- hats, spectacles, make-up?

-escapism- extremities- placing something incredible in a usually dull, mundane place to enhance the idea of GILIL project

-for the final imagery, show the whole process for the fashion image- so the final image out of 6 will be the fashion image I have wanted to create and the first 5 images will be photographs of the process of the shoot and the development of ideas- almost literally like I'm telling my own story- this links to the literal need of a library- to research, read, develope, think.


-go back to the extreme taste brief- looking at paper fashion- hanging garments- put these beautiful pieces in a dull looking library- contrast to library- I could remake the pieces and the actual paper for the pieces I could use from the book-literally scan in pages from the book, print these onto paper and remake the garments.

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