Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Hannah Hoch

Whilst researching collage and composition for this project, I came across a fab artist, Hannah Hoch.

Hoch is a little different to that of the likes of Robert Rauschenberg and Richard Hamilton as she creates photomontages rather than collages.

A photomontage is basically the cutting and sticking of a variety of photographs, stuck ontop of or with one another to create a full image.

Whereas a collage is seen as a work of formal art, whereby the artist uses a massive variety of materials- newspaper tears, ribbon, found objects etc. to create a complete image

Hannah Hoch is a german born, photomontage artist. She was in fact one of the originators of the photomantage to date. Hoch was very much part of the Dada movement in the art world.

I love her playful ways with her pieces. The colour composition for each piece is fab too, I think this is really important when placing imagery next to each other, depending on what effect you are wanting I think the colours should work well together- they need to work how you want them to.

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