Saturday, 13 November 2010

Publications of choice.

Publications I chose from the amazing Harris Museum library include, 'Our Betty', by Liz smith, 'Key Moments in Fashion' and 'Radical Fashion' edited by Claire Wilcox.

I decided to focus on 'Our Betty' for this project but I wanted to explain why I considered the other two publications.

'Key Moments in Fashion'

This I choose because I like to study people and look at characteristics of people, and I feel with this publication I could look at not their character so literally but I could look at what has been left behind: the things that help to build up a story of the character- the coffee they drink, the books they read, snacks they eat.

This is a thought because I know that the customers of the library have changed over the years and the types of customer that are at the library vary massively now. I thought I could use the publication by looking at significant moments in fashion, such as the punks for instance and do a character based story for the GILIL project.

'Radical Fashion'

This I choose because I felt that the library is sometimes seen as a dull place: quite mundane and in my work I like to play with contrasts so I thought I could use the publication as a source for inspiration for bringing into the library amazing fashion pieces and contrasting these incredible fashion pieces to the library location.

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