Sunday, 28 November 2010

The new mod?


This is a modern day culture, defined by it's fashions, music choice, behaviour and beliefs. It is a culture that emerged in the 1980’s as a by word for attitude and anti-commercialism with a territory of its own type of music and film.

Indie kids/people are those that buy from second hand clothing shops, they watch independant movies and buy into independant bands: the subculture seems to have a great ability at the 'do-it-yourself' methods, and some of the younger kids have taken this on, maybe because they like the independance or maybe because kids of today want to be heard- they want to support their local, is their want for the right reason? I'm not sure, but indie kids are appearing everywhere from streetstyle, to fashion editorials and onto the fashion platform, that is the catwalk.

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