Saturday, 27 November 2010

Why the chosen characters?

For the final images, I'm going to concentrate on 6 different types of stereotypes/words/themes that I have found in the dictionary-new words that have been added over the last couple of years. The GILIL project could however take this idea on and every year bring out extra characters for this concept and idea. It could really help in showcasing the society of the day.

These are my final 6 characters:


-I chose this stereotype to focus on because this is aiming the idea at the main age range of the current customers that G.I.L.I.L want to promote to(14-25yr old)
-I feel this stereotype sees the idea of going to the local libary quite cool, and good giving- by using the community resources, they feel good
-this is a subculture that we have seen in the past but now there's small changes to the old 'mod's' subculture.

Silver Surfer-

-this is the library's traditional customer, but with the change in technology nowadays, and the change in our culture, elderly people are more prone to 'surf the net'- this is about focusing on the older generation who have adapted to the new circumstances of our time
-this is aiming the idea at the market that is already at the library

Geek Chic-

-I chose to focus on this stereotype because I think we have seen a rise in the geek, but the geeks new look is much more funkier and trendy than ever before.
-With this stereotype also, I am aiming the idea at the age range of customers that we are wanting to bring into the library (14-25yr old)

Vintage Lover-

-With the current trend of thrift and community spirit, seen in the younger generation nowadays, this stereotype I believe visits the library to reuse books, and not buy into our disposable behaviour that is present nowadays
-this also aims towards the market that G.I.L.I.L have realised don't utilise the library - 14-25 year olds.


-Our youth culture today spend a huge amount of time on the net- whether that be on social networking sites-Bebo, facebook, twitter, myspace or studying
-this is again aiming the idea at customers who need to be brought into the library

The Blogger-

-Currently we have a blogger generation- the students who blag their way into anything, the fashion conscious who blog about their personal style- designer, parties etc. This type of stereotype may well be considered to being a little self indulgent
-again, I'm aiming this stereotype to those in the 14-25year old range to get these customers into the library

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