Friday, 19 November 2010

'Our Betty'...the book

So I've finished the book, and really enjoyed it.

Liz is such a character, pardon the pun, she's a real northern lass which is quite fitting for the brief. The book is filled with a huge amount of memories and ideas, I think it's a fab starting point for this project. The small illustrations that run throughout the book are fab too I might consider bringing illustration into this project I think it would be appealing to the wanted GILIL customer.

Here's my final notes of the book...

-pg 93, there's a fab and funny reference to the future

'One day', he said, 'there'll be a whole opera, a whole symphony, on one thing, not eight heavy records.' ...

here JT, Liz's husband at the time, was walking down the street carrying a load of vinyls and like JT said there will be something one day holding the whole lot- the IPOD. This made me laugh because the contrast of that time back then to now is massive- for this I could do a very futuristic shoot in the library to emphasise this point??

-how Liz writes although quick is to the point- not obvious and literal- Liz leaves you to fill in parts of the story

-her early family life is explored and discussed always- in her own early family life with her children, the idea of survival came to mind because although she was working and acting she still had the children in second hand clothing because this is all that was affordable for Liz at that time- could do a shoot around the idea of survival, make do and mend idea, reuse?

-when she was a younger woman and even now actually she really is the 'catwoman' no, I'm not talking about the fab superhero, I'm talking the stereotypical catwoman- Liz fostered cats and took a lot into her home and cared for them. I could do a shoot based on stereotypes?

-traditions is a key theme in 'Our Betty'- look at traditions of the library?

-Liz almost had two personalities- actress then mum etc..I could do a shoot based on this idea

-acting is partly escapism- through acting you get to become someone else- it's all about fantasy, story telling- could do a shoot around this idea

-extreme change in Liz's life is apparent- high's and lows aplenty

-the idea of necessity is had in Liz's life, certainly her earlier life- this is something that's very apparent in todays society- research this?

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